Nemaha Herald

The Auburn High School Girls Track and Field Team had three members who held a comfortable scoring lead at the end of the 2015 season. Junior Maggy Rieschick had the most points with 171.5, while classmate Taylor Petersen was a close second at 167. Freshman Meg Rieschick didn’t finish far behind with 155.25 points. Other Bulldogs scoring: Theresa Nichols 40.25 points; Hayleigh Waddell 30.75; Amanda Brown 22.5; Melanie Slama 21; Rachel Walker 17; Jayla Powell 10; Theresa Frary 9; Lindsey Mertes 8; Nichole Sherman 6; Morgan Jones 5.5; Megan Wright and Kody Daily 3.25; Caitlyn Longfellow 2.25; Bailey Arban and Tessa Hannaford 2; Emily Smith 1.25; Jade Haith and Kiley Parsons 1

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