Rushing A Budget Reconciliation

Budget reconciliation is a longstanding tool intended to provide an expedited track for making changes to federal law relating to long-term budgeting. The primary purpose of reconciliation is to allow budget-related policies to pass through the Senate with a simple majority, without the need to reach a 6o-vote majority to end debate. It has been used regularly under majorities in both parties to change tax policy, enact spending cuts, and to implement policies like welfare reform.

My Senate Committees

This January, our country swore in a new Congress. In the coming weeks and months, we will see democracy in action as the Senate and House of Representatives work on legislation that will help improve the lives of families in Nebraska and across the country.

Becoming America’s #1 State for Veterans

Nebraska is on the path to becoming the best state in the nation for military personnel and veterans. We’ve been instituting new policies that benefit military families and veterans and that connect them with leadership opportunities in the workforce. We want to encourage the veterans who live here now to stay in Nebraska and contribute their skills to grow our state. We also want to invite others to relocate or retire here.


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