Honeybee Love Among Sculptures Throughout Nemaha County

Honeybee Love Among Sculptures Throughout Nemaha County

“HONEYBEE LOVE” by artist Kimberly Grothen has a new location in downtown Auburn at the municipal parking lot south of Highway 136. A county-wide art project accomplished by the Nemaha County Leadership Class #6, nearly 30 honeybee sculptures were placed in several communities. This 2019 Honeybees in the Heartland sculpture was sponsored by Allgood Chiropractic, Auburn Design, Auburn Insurance Service, Aue & Co., Cafe Metro, Fit 44 Gym, Merz Ink, Rademacher Pest Control, SBS Insurance Agency and Taylor Pumping Company. Honeybees in the Heartland is part of the 2020 Nebraska Passport Program which began on June 1st. The program has been highly successful and is now in its tenth year of providing incentives for travelers to visit Nebraska businesses and attractions.

the 3rd District

The COVID-19 pandemic cast the United States into uncharted territory. Americans were asked to take unprecedented steps in order to slow down the spread of the virus. I have supported bipartisan efforts Congress and President Trump have enacted to fight this virus and provide economic relief. However, I continue to have serious concerns about the costs associated with these bills. We have long had a spending problem, and we must refocus on addressing troubling spending patterns even while fighting COVID-19.

Notes from Washington

When a 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson sat down in a rented room in the heat of the Philadelphia summer to write the Declaration of Independence, the American Revolution had already begun. On one level, Jefferson was simply putting the reasons for independence into words. The first shot had been fired over a year earlier, after decades of increasingly tyrannical British abuses of the American colonists had culminated in open revolt in Massachusetts.

Grow Nebraska

Prisons play a crucial role in protecting the safety of our communities. They provide a secure environment where inmates can prepare to successfully reenter society as productive citizens. Over 93 percent of the inmates who enter our state prison system will return to our communities. In Nebraska’s correctional facilities inmates participate in pro-social activities, gain new skills, work toward degrees, and earn their diplomas. These tools and opportunities give them a second chance to transform their lives.


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