Gambling’s Real Human Toll

Nebraskans are known for being honest, hard-working people who are fiscally responsible. This is a big part of how we’ve grown the Good Life and prospered through the years. Nebraskans are not only industrious, but we are also open-hearted and generous, charitably giving to churches and nonprofits. These strong civic and family values are at the core of who we are. It’s important that we never lose sight of them and guard against efforts to undermine them.

Attempts to legalize Indian casino gambling are a perennial threat to our values. Nebraskans have repeatedly rejected attempts to bring casinos to our state for a variety of reasons. These include more poverty due to gambling losses and the human toll of increased child abuse, neglect, and crimes such as theft.

First, casino gambling transfers wealth from lower-income families to the well-off instead of helping working families expand their household incomes and build real wealth. Through the mirage of easy winnings, casinos discourage financial responsibility and spread false hope. As with families, casinos also take money away from Main Street businesses and nonprofits, as people spend their discretionary income at the slots instead of investing it in the community.

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