Nemaha Herald

By David Swanson

The Auburn Public Schools (APS) Board of Education Monday, Oct. 13, approved a line of credit up to $25,000 at Carson National Bank for the Auburn State Theater. The line of credit will help with completion of expanding the school-district owned theater south into the former Philly Grill. The project is scheduled for completion this fall. It is hoped to pay off the cost of the project in two years if not sooner, Superintendent Kevin Reiman explained.

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By Darrell Wellman

The Auburn City Council addressed a light agenda during its Oct. 13 meeting. A major item discussed but for which no action followed involved an ordinance amending the City of Auburn zoning maps by designating a certain area as the Auburn Downtown and Courthouse Square Historic District. Auburn businessman and former Mayor Bob Engles spoke regarding the Historic District designation for portions of Auburn. Engles asked Kim Beger and Kris Gill, who represented the Historic Preservation Board, whether official public hearings had been conducted during recent public meetings held by the Historic Preservation Board and the City Planning Commission. He was advised that the topic of theAuburn Downtown and Courthouse Square Historic District had been included on meeting notices which were posted previously. Engles was told that public input was sought at the meetings from those interested and involved, but no official public hearings had been held. 

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